For those who have never felt the magic of paragliding, here’s a quick guide for your first paragliding tandem flight! Tandem paragliding is the safest and best way to get to know this sport and experience the feeling of free flight. Your amazing adventure begins with a brief introduction to our experienced instructors and the basics of paragliding, and in just 15 minutes you’ll be ready to fly.

You will be under the supervision of our expert and specially certified instructors at all times. You can be completely carefree as we look after you throughout the entire experience. Before jumping, wear comfortable sports clothing and footwear to be ready for the adventure. It’s important to follow this rule as we are not responsible for lost slippers during the flight.

You will enjoy a panoramic flight lasting about 20 minutes.

See what it looks like in the gallery below.

Medvednica Nature Reserve

45.91412316398285, 15.951693226474625

– A mountainous area north of Zagreb
– The old medieval Zrinski silver mine
– Medvedgrad Fortress, a medieval castle


45.740918, 15.603921

– It’s popular among hikers and cyclists for its beautiful trails and views
– At the peak of Japetić, there is a mountain lodge that’s a popular spot for rest and indulging in local cuisine.


45.239426569733574, 14.683015537977608

– A popular spot for anglers
– A man-made reservoir teeming with carp and pike-perch
– Stunning panoramic view of the lake and the Adriatic Sea


46.181474840644626, 16.126973161626054

– The highest mountain in Croatian Zagorje
– Known for its many endemic species

What wasn’t recorded didn’t happen

…so, we are here for you and will capture your paragliding tandem adventure with a top-notch digital camera, and then send you the footage via a link immediately. We guarantee that you will be the envy of everyone in this shot, not to mention that you will be able to relive your paragliding adventure whenever you want, together with your friends and family..

Ground shots


Our team will capture every moment of the paragliding flight preparations such as dressing in equipment, getting ready for the flight, heading out for the unforgettable experience, posing at the take-off point, taking off, and if possible, landing and receiving a certificate. In this option, you will receive about 30 digital photos above the mentioned moments.

GoPro +

The GoPro footage is taken by the tandem pilot from a helmet and a selfie stick, covering the entire flight from the moment you appear at the take-off point, through the hook-up and take-off, the most crucial part of free flight, up to the landing and initial impressions after the flight. You get an edited video of about 6 minutes and about 300 HD digital photos. We immortalize every moment of your free flight with a GoPro video.

Insta 360 +

If you wish to experience your flight in virtual reality (VR), the INSTA 360 footage will enable you to do just that. By using the latest recording technologies and a special camera, we can enable the experience of your flight in a 3D experience. With the help of VR glasses, you can experience your flight as if you were flying again, because the video and pictures show your flight from every viewing angle, be sure to take a look at the sample footage, it’s truly breathtaking.

What do they say about us?

What is included in your TANDEM PARAGLIDER membership fee and first Paragliding tandem flight:




170 EUR (1.280,87 kn)*

14 EUR per month (106,74 kn)**


* The price represents the annual TANDEM PARAGLIDER membership fee. Persons weighing 80kg and above pay an additional fee of 25 EUR (188.37 HRK)
** Price for payment in 12 instalments

Option to pay in a single instalment using all cards.
The possibility of paying in up to 12 instalments is available with the following banks and their respective cards: ZABA (Visa, Maestro, Mastercard), PBZ (Visa, Maestro, Mastercard, American Express), and ERSTE (Visa, Maestro, Mastercard, Diners)

Discount for groups: please contact us

The fixed conversion rate is EUR 1.00 = HRK 7.53450


Up to 50 minutes of flight

Up to 150% longer flight duration

The best experience and POINT!


Well, here’s the deal, so as not to sell you smoke and mirrors, the old saying holds true here – an abundance (of free fall) doesn’t give you a headache! 🙂

But it’s good that everything doesn’t rest on folk proverbs, here are some facts about the MAX TANDEM FLIGHT option

1. The first reason is very simple, with a standard flight you have up to 20 minutes of tandem flight, with the MAX TANDEM FLIGHT option you have up to 50 minutes of paragliding flight, so double and more time spent in the air!

2. The whole essence of our sport revolves around flight, the longer it lasts, the stronger and more intense the whole experience will be… in one word, not only better… but the BEST

3. With the MAX TANDEM FLIGHT option, you will save a twice as long period of TANDEM FLIGHT in your memory, which you will want to remember with joy… woohooo!

4. You will most likely have this experience only once in your life, so… If it has to be, then let’s really do it!

In any case, our experience in this sport strongly recommends that you choose this option because it will be the best possible experience of your life’s adventure!

Give a paragliding tandem flight as a gift!

Do you need something for your boyfriend for his birthday, for your wife for your anniversary, for your mother-in-law for her anniversary, for your boss so that he never forgets you? We are with you for every happy occasion 🙂 Nowadays, people have a strange habit of seeing buying a gift for someone as a task and they just want to get it done as soon as possible and get it off the to-do list. Don’t want to be one of those people who gives a gift just so they can say they’ve done it? Do you want to give something special, something completely different, something that will improve someone’s quality of life? Something that will make someone forget about all the worries and problems? Isn’t that what we all secretly wish for as a gift? Forgetting and resting from all worries and problems? A gift voucher for an annual TANDEM PARAGLIDER membership, which includes a tandem paragliding flight from a designated launch site, is a phenomenal present. It has the power to change someone’s perspective of the world, providing a sense of freedom and enjoyment they’ve never dreamed of before.

The Croatian Civil Aviation Agency (CCAA) or Hrvatska agencija za civilno zrakoplovstvo is an institution of the Republic of Croatia responsible for regulations related to the civil aviation sector in Croatia. Among other things, the CCAA sets and regulates the standards for CCAA parachute schools according to CCAA standards and requirements, and it issues CCAA parachute licences and authorisations of certain categories based on approved training programmes. after all the prescribed conditions set by the CCAA have been met.
Learn more about the CCAA.

Why jump with us?


SAFETY COMES FIRST – The parachutes and skydiving equipment that we use are TSO – CERTIFIED which ensures high quality of manufacturing and safety which is priority number one in this activity + we also have specially certified and approved equipment for tandem jumps. We are the FIRST and ONLY skydiving operation in Croatia that holds a USPA (United states parachute association’s) group member certificate and being the only one in Croatia that provides all skydive teaching methods (Tandem, AFF, Static line and IAD) according to strict and demanding USPA standards.


isthe best one because of its excellent system design, the safety features and excellent performance.


SPECIALLY MODIFIED AIRPLANE Our operation in Croatia has EASA specially modified airplane for skydive activities – which means that you won’t be freezing on the plane and you don’t have to be afraid of falling out, at least not before the scheduled free fall.


THE BEST CONDITIONS – Maybe we can’t guarantee the weather conditions, but we do provide the best skydiving conditions when the weather is favorable – safety, pick up, footage, friendly instructors and last but not least, lots of fun for the best price!

Still unsure? Send us a request!

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