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General questions

Health and Safety

What is tandem paragliding?
Tandem paragliding is a flight in a paraglider designed for two people: a professional pilot and a passenger. The pilot controls the paraglider whilst the passenger enjoys the flight.
Do I need prior experience for a tandem flight?
No, no prior experience is required. The professional pilot will handle all aspects of the flight.
How long does a tandem flight last?
The duration of the flight depends on the weather conditions and location, but typically lasts between 15 and 30 minutes.
Is tandem paragliding safe?
Tandem paragliding is safe when conducted with a certified pilot and when adhering to all safety guidelines.
What equipment should I wear?
It’s recommended to wear comfortable clothing suited to the weather conditions and sturdy trainers. A helmet and other equipment will be provided to you on-site.
Can I wear glasses or sunglasses during the flight?
Yes, you can wear glasses or sunglasses. If you wear regular glasses, secure them with a strap or cord to prevent them from falling off during the flight.

During the flight.

Bookings and Prices

What if I'm afraid of heights?
It’s natural to feel a bit nervous before a flight. Our experienced pilots will provide all the necessary information and support to make you feel safe and at ease.
Will I feel nauseous during the flight?
Most people don’t feel nauseous during the flight. If you do feel uncomfortable, notify your pilot, and they’ll adjust the flight to make you feel better.

Let’s talk about the weather forecast.

What if the weather forecast is poor?

Plain and simple – if the forecast is poor, we won’t be flying that day. If this happens on the day of your scheduled flight, we’ll postpone it and reschedule at a time that suits you.

Which weather factors affect paragliding flights?
Paragliding is a sport that’s heavily dependent on the weather conditions. If the wind is especially strong or it’s raining, we most likely won’t be flying. In such instances, we’ll reschedule your flight to another time that suits you best.
How can I book a tandem flight?
You can book a tandem flight directly through our website or over the phone.
How much does a tandem flight cost?
The price of a tandem flight varies depending on the location and duration of the flight. You can find pricing details on our website.
What if I need to reschedule my booking?
If you need to postpone your booking, please notify us at least XY days in advance so we can arrange the flight for someone else and propose a new date for you.

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